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A Golfing Investment in Jack Yule

In 2019 I will be playing a full schedule on the PGA Europro Tour.
My main goal is to obtain a 2020 European Challenge Tour card.


To help me achieve my full potential as a top professional golfer, I am selling shares in myself ahead of the coming season. This will allow me to play as many tournaments as possible and give you the best chance of sharing my success throughout the year.


To play a full season I am looking to generate between £20,000 and £30,000.

Each share will cost £100.

In return I will be paying a percentage of my prize money to each shareholder.

Return on share investment breakdown, if I sell:

1 - 99 shares 80% to *player, 20% to shareholders.

100 -199 shares 70% to *player, 30% to shareholders.

200 - 299 shares 60% to *player, 40% to shareholders.


There will also be opportunities for branding advertisement when 10 or more shares have been purchased by an individual or business.

If you are interested in this great chance to invest in a local talent who has played at the highest level, then please download an agreement form below.

If more than 300 shares are sold, a new percentage bracket will open (300+ shares. 50% to *player, 50% to shareholders). Percentage of prize money to be calculated after withholding tax and/ or PGA Levy.

* player shall be known as Jack Yule

To download your Investment Agreement,
Click Here

Shares last date of Sale 30th April 2019
Kings Lynn
Help make Norfolk Proud!! A perfect opportunity for small investors. Take pride and help a young Golfing professional conquer the world of Golf.
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